Above, some scenes from the film.

For many in the Hudson River region of the Northeast and New England, sustainability is becoming a way of life. From the wilderness of the Adirondack Mountains south to Manhattan's busy neighborhoods, and in parts of New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Connecticut, people from all walks of life are joining together to change the very meaning of what it is to live in the Hudson River's watershed.

These are the stories of farmers, community activists, landscape architects, elected officials, distillers, corporate executives, and others who understand that a lasting, livable tomorrow begins with them and the organizations they create. Come and explore what makes these 10,000 square miles one of the most innovative, inspirational places on the planet!

Sustaining This Place is a 50-minute documentary chronicling the successful efforts of everyday people to create a new Hudson region landscape. The film draws from 59 interviews and parallels the book Creating Sustainable Communities: Lessons from the Hudson River Region, by sociology professor and filmmaker Rik Scarce. (You may purchase Creating Sustainable Communities in our store or from your local bookstore.)

Praise for Sustaining This Place

“A tour de force! This is a lovely opus.”Karin Limburg, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

“This is a wonderful project that will make a great contribution to our collective understanding of the Hudson and its watershed.”—Manna Jo Greene, Hudson River Sloop Clearwater

“I hope that this serves as a blueprint for other regions, as well as inspiration for continued work within the Hudson watershed.”Dennis Swaney, Cornell University ecologist